RobotBASIC -beta- release

March 28, 2009

For the people that have emailed and asked for a copy of the version of RobotBASIC that I’ve been using for testing, there is now a pre-release beta version that Sam is allowing me to post.

Downloadable from here: RobotBASIC beta version

This is a beta version of the program released so that people that want to use the U401 and U421 devices with RobotBASIC can test out RobotBASIC before the official release of the program.

The program shows this disclaimer:

This is a Beta Trial release for people who want to try out the support for the USBmicro U4x1 devices.

Please check for news on the final release version.

Check the Modifications History section in the Help File for details on what is new in this Beta 3.4.5 version (Top of Section)

You can also download the previous version of RobotBASIC (no U401/U421 support) from RobotBASIC web site to be able to look at a lot of demo programs. If you leave the programs in different directories you can run both versions. There is no “install” – RobotBASIC just runs from the directory.

Take a look at the beta RobotBASIC_HelpFile.rtf file for the changes that apply to this beta version. Feel free to ask here if you have questions about the U401/U421 support. This beta version of RobotBASIC also lets you make stand-alone executable code!

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More example code and projects will be coming.


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