CircuitGizmos Prototype Lab

March 31, 2009
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On the Make Blog:

Show us your shop!

We love seeing people’s workspaces. You learn so much about them, their approach to their work, the kinds of tools they use, how they organize themselves, what of their labors they choose to display, and so on. You can also get useful ideas for organizing your own workshop, studio, or office. And generally, be inspired.

Here is the CircuitGizmos prototype/project bench:


Tons of components in little drawers, lots of lights, solid static mats, power supplies, thin small-tool drawers under bench top, PC to the far left, rolls of #22 wire, refrigerator for flux and other chemicals, hanging test leads…





Behind the bench are rows of shelves for storage, and a closed cabinet full of microcontroller development kits and development tools. Through a door to the right, my office:



A place for everything, and everything all over the place…



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