Computer control of AC devices

June 28, 2010

An Instructables published a week or so ago: If you have ever wanted to control electronic devices from your computer to control or regulate your environment, this instructable will guide you. In this example of computer control, a USB relay device (USBmicro – U451) will control two 60 watt light bulbs from a PC [...]

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Testing new U401/U421 function – Part 1

October 30, 2009

New capabilities are being added to the U401/U421 firmware. The first new function that I am testing here is a “Quiz Show” function. Also called “Fastest Finger First”, as it shows which line, of all sixteen of the lines on the device, has been pressed first. This capability is used in game/quiz shows and contests. [...]

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New RobotBASIC U401/U421 interface guide

June 9, 2009

Guest blog by Samuel Mishal Hi All, One of the very exciting new facilities in RobotBASIC V4.0.0 is the support for USBmicro’s U4x1 family of USB devices that provide the ability to do digital I/O with a PC and lots more! See this guide:

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RobotBASIC -beta- release

March 28, 2009

For the people that have emailed and asked for a copy of the version of RobotBASIC that I’ve been using for testing, there is now a pre-release beta version that Sam is allowing me to post. Downloadable from here: RobotBASIC beta version This is a beta version of the program released so that people that [...]

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Shortest RobotBASIC program for U401

February 8, 2009

How easy is it to program the U401 with RobotBASIC? The version of RobotBASIC that supports the USBmicro U401 and U421 will be released soon. I have a pre-release version and in an attempt to show how easy it is to control the U401 (or U421), I made the code below: //————————————————————————— // // Main [...]

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RobotBASIC CG Demo 1

February 6, 2009

I have a pre-release of RobotBASIC that I’ve been playing with. The free, powerful RobotBASIC will soon support the U401 and U421. I’ve made sample code using RobotBASIC that gets some version information from the DLL that communicates with an attached U401/U421, then gets a serial number from each device. The RobotBASIC version with USBmicro [...]

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Official RobotBASIC Pre-Announcement

February 5, 2009

Sam, one of the great minds behind RobotBASIC, made an announcement on the RobotBASIC list: I have three items of news you may be interested in: 1-There is an interesting new article that uses RobotBASIC in Servo Magazine ( The article shows how you can build a Quadrature Encoding Controller and features a Quadrature Encoding [...]

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U401 with 16 LEDs and RobotBASIC

February 1, 2009

This is a quick post showing a U401 (#CGU401) driving 16 LEDs. 12 of the LEDs are available here from CircuitGizmos. The square LEDs that are amber colored are just some extras that I had on hand.

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